mySQL, API, jQuery, PHP, SYMFONY, SYLIUS, Blisters, Round Tins

We find your market. International. Develop logo/CI, your online store or product configurator. Interfaces up to product packaging incl. packaging machines and warehousing via scanner.

DE Experience makes the difference!

E-commerce and product configurator agency in Chemnitz, Dresden or Rüschlikon / Zurich Switzerland

What to consider when creating an online store and product configurator Rüschlikon / Zurich / Switzerland:
  1. Have product configurator created in Saxony? creates / programs configurators for products also in Switzerland Zurich.
  2. Erzgebirge: Who programs an online store? DESIGN.intersaxonia is specialized SYLIUS agency.
  3. Who programs an interface to calendar system rental in Germany or Switzerland? We can program interfaces. Connections to HRS or in Chemnitz, Dresden, Saxony and in Germany. Also in our agency in Rüschlikon, Zurich in Switzerland.
  4. Who designs us a packaging for toys or product packaging for the international market? develops packaging to packaging machines. Round tins, blister packaging with blister machines from ILLIG.
  5. Which advertising agency is specialized in SYLIUS? We develop e-commerce online stores in Zurich / Rüschlikon Switzerland and in Erzgebirge / Saxony.